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T.I.: I’m shocked & saddened to find that the world has lost such a great spirited person. Paul Walker was not only a passionate, talented actor, he was also a sincere man with a genuine personality, that filled a room immediately upon introduction. My family’s hearts & prayers is extended to his family, especially his daughter. He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace. #RIPPAULWALKER

T.I. is plotting to do some big things over the next 12 months. In an interview with V-103's Big Tigger, the ATL rapper shed light on his future endeavors which entails three albums and a movie.

"Me, Pharrell, Columbia, Hustle Gang, what we're trying to do now is make the album a trilogy, but to be released in a 12 month period, he said. "3 albums in 12 months, and a movie to finalize it. In 12 months the film should be shot, and we should be presenting it."

After providing his fans with a great project in Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head,  Tip feels that his new album Paperwork will trump his last effort for the fact that it will be broken into three albums.

"At first it was gonna be 20 songs, 'cause I had broke it up into like 7 songs for each of those sections," he said. Now each one of those sections will be a separate album. Maybe like 13 [tracks on each album]. We've got a Hustle Gang project also coming."

He also revealed that he has over 500 records recorded in light of the new album.

"If I don't record another day, I've got like 500 songs-- at least," he said. "I'm talking about me just solo. If I start counting features and crew records we might be at 750."

Paperwork will serve as T.I.'s first album with Columbia Records after inking a deal  back in 2013.