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Hours before an early morning fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. at a Vegas Fatburger, T.I. was getting into it with security at a pool party when they wouldn't let him into the gathering. According to TMZ, Tip showed up to Club Liquid to catch Nicki Minaj's performance but was denied by security when T.I. and his crew tried to sidestep security. The men guarding the door didn't recognize the rapper at first and insisted that he had to be searched just like everyone else who was heading into the club. T.I. wasn't having it and got into a heated argument with the club's security and Vegas PD but once they recognized who T.I. was, they let him in with no problems. Though the issue was resolved, it's clear that Tip was already on edge heading into the rest of the day.

The back and forth between T.I. and Mayweather Jr. is just beginning and probably won't stop until one of them apologizes.