The Game Vs L.A.'s Supperclub

Things escalated rather quickly outside of the Los Angeles club Supperclub when mutual acquaintances of T.I. and Game got in a physical altercation with the club’s security. A group of men associated with the two rappers were denied entrance to the club and began arguing with security outside. One thing led to another and a member of the crew threw a punch at one of the security guards, which you can clearly hear in the fight video below. The L.A. nightclub issued an official statement removing both T.I. and Game from any involvement of the incident.

Besides T.I. being the King of the South, a reality star, a humanitarian, and an entrepreneur, TIP is also a peacemaker. T.I. has mended a lot of relationships and ended a lot beefs. This time around, he played a major role in squashing the beef between Game and the LEP Bogus Boys after the two traded shots stemming from Tyga and Lil Durk's beef.

Before things escalated between Game and G-Count, T.I. intervened by placing a phone call. He got on the phone with both Game and G-Count in hopes of putting an end to the beef after they each dropped their respective tracks.

"Just got off da line w/ @the_g_count #LEPBogusBoys & @thegame #BloodMoney. Dey spoke & got clarity now,good as gold....Errrbody all Love."

Game jumped into the beef with Tyga and Lil Durk by hopping on the "Chi-Raq to LA" after the Durk came out swinging with his Chi-Raq remix with Meek Mill. Game name dropped and mentioned the LEP Bogus Boys by rapping,  “Rock my Pelle P like LED, them Bogus Boys? They Fuck with me." That caused G-Count to clap back on "Chi-Raq".

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