Stormey Ramdhan

Suge Knights ex-wifey Stormey Ramdhan is prepping to release her new book, My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop, much to the dismay of Knight. According to Suge, who recently claimed that Tupac is still alive, his relationship with Ramdhan was short-lived, even though they have two children together, and there is no "life" to speak of. Ramdhan has already been in the headlines after claiming that Suge didn't kill Tupac.

Knight also says that nearly everything in the book is false and he is currently in the process of drafting a cease and desist letter aimed at blocking the book's release. Suge is also claiming that Ramdhan was not his fiance and that Ramdhan is using Suge's name to try and make money. Seems like a storm is brewin'.