This year has been quite an eventful for the 23-year-old rapper. Completing his first stint at Coachella and a surplus of studio collaborations, Soulja Boy continues to make a name for himself despite the naysayers. The Atlanta rapper recently spoke with Fader to discuss the making of "Yasss Bish" with Nicki Minaj, his role in the Carter V, working with Diddy, Drake and more.

Soulja on his new song "Yasss Bish" with Nicki Minaj:

"When I put the vine up, it was a sneak peak, just a little clip. Once the song came out, when they saw the vine they got it. I had the beat and everything, we went to the studio and she [Minaj] killed it. The first day, soon as she heard the beat she killed it. And she put it out like the next day."

When asked what he was currently working on:

"I’m working on Diddy’s project right now. He’s doing his last album right now, it’s called Money Making Mitch. That’s been taking up a lot of my focus. So is the Carter V. When I was in Miami I did like two beats for CV, and I just been tryna go back in on them beats and make them the best for Tune."

When asked about the success of "We Made It" and working with Drake:

"Man. To be honest, I did not know. When I came up with the concept I thought it was dope, and that was really about it. Now its everywhere. The video’s still coming. I had got locked up. I had a case I was fighting at the time. But the video’s still coming, everybody look out for that visual with me and Drake."

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