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When one of the biggest stars in hip-hop gets swung on and its caught on camera, its safe to expect that discussion of it will not fade softly into the night.
Some 24 hours since the kicks seen 'round the internet everyone still seems to have something to say the Jay Z/Solange incident. 50 Cent did his best Jim Ross from the hood impression. Jay's former partner Dame Dash had a curiously timed Instagram post that featured Solange. Now add NBA analyst Charles Barkley to the fray. Chuck has even joined in the slanderthon that the Carter family dispute has birthed on the internets.

Last night as Kenny Anderson broke down game footage on TNT from the Heat/Nets game Chuck couldn't resist a quick jab. As Anderson pointed out Jay Z who could be seen at court side next to Beyonce, the Hall Of Famer quickly asked "Where's Solange?' Needless to say the snark in regard to the Thrilla In The Elevator won't be going away anytime soon.