In the beginning there was the infamous East Coast vs. West Coast beef but as time passed and talents developed, tolerance between the areas provoked a fresh sound within Hip Hop. West Coast rap has quickly submerged itself as the music to listen to this year, but not all rappers coming from the sunshine state are here to keep the peace.

Compton rapper, Problem, recently sat down with Shay Diddy of 106KMEL to promote his label and latest music. Diddy wasted no time bringing up the rumors involving YG dissing him and Tyga in a recent freestyle on Hot 97. Surprisingly, Problem didn't really pay the rumors any mind.

"Man i didn't really take it like nothin'. I feel like he has a good album out, he's promoting his album, he's doing what he's supposed to do you know what I'm saying. It's good for the city, him doing what he's doing you know what I'm saying and the album's dope you know what I'm saying. He did his thang on it. I didn't take nothin' of it, especially 'cuz  I see these people all the time so it ain't really nothin, I just feel like it was a good publicity play and I wish him the best. I think he gon' keep turnin' up."

YG, who's currently touring with DJ Mustard on his My Krazy Life Tour, denied referencing anyone in particular in the freestyle. He told MTV, "I ain’t say nobody name, but if somebody, whoever feel like I was talkin’ to ‘em, fo’ sho. If you don’t fo’ sho. That’s all about that.” Many believe the "Like Whaaat" line in his diss directs all eyes to Problem, who released a single with the same name last year, while he gets on Tyga for stealing his rap flow in "Rack City."

"“N—as sneak dis by the way/ Well, I’m about to frontline this sh– by the way,” he started before going at unnamed targets. “These n—as stole my sh– by the way/ So I’m f–k the n—a bitch by the way/ I’m talkin’ to two f–ks by the way/ Ha, like what by the way.”

All in all,  Problem has no intention of responding to the alleged diss, claiming "you'll never catch him in a rap beef."

You can watch the full radio interview below: