Despite Nicki Minaj gaining her rap swagger back, a lot of people are still skeptical in regards to her standing in the hip-hop rankings. Forbes further questioned her dominance with their latest article entitled, “Hip-Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman,” proclaiming Iggy Azalea as the top artist. Nicki laughed off the claim and voiced her opinion during her interview with The Breakfast Club.

"Ok, I’m reloaded. Listen, all Forbes needs to worry about is my finances and when I’m going to be selling Myx Fusion for $250 million. That’s all they need to worry about. We rely on Hip-Hop journalism and blogs for that kind of information. So we appreciate that, but no thank you," said Nicki.

The writer of the Forbes piece, Hugh McIntyre, stated in his piece that Minaj has been “oddly quiet for months” allowing for Iggy to takeover.

Nicki's resurgence has been well documented over the past couple of months as she has obliterated tracks like, "Chi-Raq", "Yasss B*tch", and "Looking A*s" Ni*ga".

In addition, Nicki Minaj just released her first single, "Pills & Potion" this morning for her new album, The Pinkprint. With this new album, Nicki said that she'll be reintroducing herself to the world. Sounds like she's ready to drop some heat.

Since the article was published Forbes changed the headline to, “Hip-Hop’s Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman.” Listen to the interview.