Details behind Nicki Minaj's forthcoming album The Pinkprint are still largely a mystery, but the rap star has dropped a couple of singles including the most recent Soulja Boy assisted "Yasss Bish," who's title plays on a phrase that is growing in popularity. Minaj recently chopped it up with Yahoo about the new single and revealed the origins of the song's title, which she says is a phrase adopted from the drag queen culture. "I guess drag queen's started that whole little lingo," stated Nicki. "When I watch RuPaul's Drag Race I live for the way they speak. I think that derives from the way that world speaks."

The Young Money first lady expounded on her understanding of the "Yasss" phrase by differentiating it and the standard. "Females, we adopted it and it makes us feel cocky," she said. "Saying 'yasss' as opposed to 'yes' is just putting on a billion more times attitude to the word, yes. It's kind of confirming that you are the sh#t."

Peep the entire clip, below.

[via Yahoo]