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Kanye West and Swizz Beatz' battle of the beats

Kanye and Swizzy went back and forth with their best beats during Summer Jam in 2007. Man, do these two have hits. Superproducers indeed.

Imagine what would happen if two legendary producers teamed up to create a super album consisting of monstrous production. Well, it almost happened with Kanye West and Swizz Beats, according to Miss Info. In a recent interview with HipHopDX,  she details how the two almost made that fantasy a reality when they went toe to toe at Summer Jam.

“That moment when Kanye and Swizz went back and forth with their—It was like a beat battle,” Miss Info said. “Each one of them played their own hits back and forth and back and forth. It was so incredible because they became—they actually became different than their onstage personas. They became Hip Hop nerds. And they went through their history. And they were beating their chests, but it was all in love. And the crowd just got to watch two amazing superstars sort of have a pissing contest. The best part was that afterwards they were so excited about it Swizz was telling me backstage that they wanted to do an entire CD like that."

Swizz and Kanye did almost have a song together years back with Bono. Can this still happen? Only time will tell.

Watch the clip below.