Meek Mill was light on words after losing a civil lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia, earlier in the week, but now the rapper is speaking out. As previously reported, Meek was looking for justice stemming from a 2012 incident where he was detained for nine hours by Philly cops during a failed attempt to locate drugs in the MC's vehicle. Meek claims the wrongful arrest caused him to miss a show in Atlanta and lose out on money in a Puma deal. A jury of his peers felt otherwise. The MMG rapper recently chopped it up with Complex about the outcome of the case saying he believes the jury's cultural difference played a large part in the case not going in his favor. “The cops just came out on top,” he said. “The cop I had a lawsuit on, he had about so many complaints about him. He got fired right after I sued them. But he didn’t get fired for me suing them. On the day of court it was like they just believed the cop. I didn’t know that cop had 80 priors when I sued them. I found that when my lawyer investigated and found that out. You know how it go in Federal Court. It’s a jury. They pick a jury. I respect the opinion of the jury but most of the people in the jury was White. They don’t really like understand. They might live on a farm, some of these people live in like suburban areas, they don’t understand the culture where I come from. All they gonna understand is, ‘He’s a cop and he’s not a cop.’ They just went with his word."

The Dreamchasers CEO went on to say the lawsuit had less to do with his disdain for the police and more to do with right and wrong. "I don’t dislike cops. I got family that’s cops, friends that’s cops," said Meek. "Why would I even take this amount of time to even do all this? I had to go to court from 9:00 AM to 4:00 AM everyday this week. I just don’t feel it man. That’s some old timer shit. Most of all the people that’s racist [are] 80 years old. They on their way out anyway. I see ten years from now all that shit’ll be erased in the world. That will be like the past.”

[via Complex]