Birthday surprises usually take the form of a new vehicle or an unexpected party, but Meek Mill found out first hand not all surprises are joyous. Earlier today during a trip to his mother's house, Mill discovered he had been sued on May 6, which also happened to be his 27th birthday.

The MMG rapper stumbled upon the lawsuit in his personal Postargram account. Although he shared minimal details about the suit, Mill did post a picture of the letter, focusing mainly on it's date. Along with the picture was a caption reading,"P-O talking crazy to me today......come 2 my mom house somebody sued me on my birthday! This money shit crazy.....I had less stress when I was broke"

The Dreams and Nightmares artist is no stranger to the law. Mill recently lost a civil rights lawsuit against Philadelphia law enforcement after being arrested and placed in jail for nine hours for no reason. Philly police were searching his vehicle for drugs and weapons but found nothing. Although the jury voted against his motion, they issued a note to the judge stating they were partially on his side.

"we voted unanimously that Mr. Williams’ Fourth Amendment rights were not violated we feel strongly both the plaintiff and defendant were in the wrong and made mistakes.”

Earlier today, the Philly native also accused his District Attorney, Noel Ann Desantis, of being a racist. Initially releasing his anger via Twitter, Mill later deleted the series of tweets.

One read, "Everytime I go 2 probation it’s a new thing ….The D.A on my case a racist…I caught that case when I was 18 she still bothering me."