It’s been almost one week since new confessions from a taped conversation with Donald Sterling surfaced. Sterling’s rapper friend/business associate, Maserati Met, made headlines on CNN and Access Hollywood, where he explained and defended his decisions to leak a phone call that painted a different picture of the L.A. Clippers owner. The conversation with Maserati, which was recorded approximately five days after Sterling got heat for his racist comments, touched on a lot of different topics, including his relationship with V. Stiviano and their intimate moments.

But how is Maserati connected to Sterling? The 30-year-old Las Vegas native runs a legitimate escort service, and Sterling is part of his clientele. There are more sides to Maserati than what’s out in public view. He’s known to chase different hustles to get his money up, recently signing on to be a cast member in the next series of Love & Hip-Hop. He’s also an aspiring solo artist who hopes to break out nationally in Atlanta, aligning himself with 2 Chainz and Cap-1 to release his forthcoming album later this year. The first single, “All I Know,” is a street-oriented banger that details his drug-dealing past and features Cap.

After a whirlwind week that placed Maserati Met in a large spotlight, XXL hopped on the phone to discuss his beginnings in getting into hip-hop, the heat he got for allegedly snitching on Sterling, and what he’s got to prove to be accepted in the rap game.—Eric Diep

XXL: Where are you originally from?
Maserati Met: I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in California, in Inglewood. As I child, I moved to Las Vegas. You know, stamp from Vegas, I’ve been there for too long.

And then you moved to Atlanta after Vegas?
I moved to Atlanta. My brother Cap-1—that’s my brother, Cap-1. I just came out here. He be rocking with 2 Chainz. He’s getting ready to kind of take off, so I just came to Atlanta [to] really support that. Also, putting in work and stuff into my album, too. I’m just rocking with the whole Caviar Dreams movement.

"[Sterling]’s just thrashing Obama. That’s an exclusive between me and you. He was. Super. I dropped that, boy, that’d just stir the world up."

How did you link up with Cap?
We already family, so it was already an incident where, kind of like, shit, come to Atlanta. You know what I am saying? My city, really in Vegas, it’s really hard to break as an artist. I mean, I got a big name out there as far as an independent artist. They see the money and all that good stuff—you on. That’s definitely out there. But at the end of the day, the artists...the radio stations don’t support it. Nobody supports the local people. Even Mally Mall, that’s a friend of mine, Jamal, he’s big out there. And he’s huge. Even Floyd Mayweather’s label is huge. That’s the city though, they just play the Top 40 shit because it is a tourist city.

How long have you been out in Atlanta grinding?
I’ve been out here for a year. The thing is, I really want to do what I can with the music. I really want [people] to have all my shit. You get criticized real quick if the shit is not right. The shit’s gotta be right. So I just been waiting to really put my project together right and the videos. Now, I am getting ready to drop because of all this shit is coming my way. I mean, I got Love & Hip-Hop: California. I’m getting ready to do that. Not even with the Sterling thing, this the Love & Hip-Hop: California I’ve got ready. We are getting ready to start shooting for that. So I’m putting the music together [to] really hit the world. Really, the first video I'ma drop in about a week.

Tell me about your upcoming track, "All I Know."
“All I Know” featuring Cap. It’s like a hood, trap [song]. I think it is a summer anthem record. I let everybody listen to it, from Cap to 2 Chainz, that I let people hear the record that I rock with. And they like, "The record solid." You run with these people and you get in with these people, you want to make sure before you throw some shit out there that you getting a solid stamp. I got a stamp, so, I mean, that’s the first one to drop. The record is a big record I believe. It’s a real big record. It’s a street record.

What's going on with your album, All Eyes On Mazi?
I am either gonna go with Maserati Dreams or All Eyes On Mazi. I think I am gonna lean on All Eyes On Mazi, just 'cause it is more controversy with what is going on. So—go with that. I'ma drop the rest of the tape on DVD in there. I am going to throw the rest of the tape on my album. On a DVD, the shit about to hit. The tape is going on a DVD and that’s gonna hit. I'ma probably have that ready; I’m trying to finish the album up in two weeks.

What motivated you to start doing hip-hop? You are known for having an escort service, but how’d did you get into it?
The thing is. I’ve been in a group already. If you look online, my group, we’ve been putting out shit all over the Internet. So, I’ve always been in the group too. The group is called Pirana Gang. So we’ve been doing this shit since we was in high school. Middle school, high school. We just basically at this point all went our separate ways. I moved. We just started pushing [our solo music]. One of our members just signed to Jim Jones. The other member is basically independent. At this point, I am in Atlanta just rocking with my fam and promoting my shit.

In Vegas, they out the business, the business was just taking it on a corporate level. I made sure I was smarter with everything that I did. A lot of people could be pimping on three, four girls, and then all of sudden girls get caught and [are] going to jail. When you worried about getting caught and going to jail, I mean, I got kids, so I don’t like risks. Basically, I took it to a business level legally. They employees and you have to sign forms. They do anything besides the work they supposed to do, that’s on them. I’m protected. That’s how I operate on the level. Shit, why aren’t we doing this shit legal? Why aren’t we doing it like this? Let’s get a license, an LLC, get bonds. They signing waivers. They go in a room and doing whatever. They talk about, you want a blowjob, or whatever, that ain’t my business. It’s not on me. I am covered or something. That’s them. You supposed to go there and just dance. This is a business.

What made you transition from making raps to owning an escort service?
I’m always living that life. I’m already in a fuckin’ Ferrari. Foreign cars, so the females are just throwing themselves at you. When you are already around that and partying every night. Then you have kids and shit like that, you start to think, "Well, that thing crazy." I ain’t going back to selling drugs. I ain’t going back to fuckin’ 4-5 hoes in one house. I’m not willing to put myself in jail. Let’s go out and make this a business and literally run a multi-million dollar company.