No Malice and Pusha T are two of the most eloquent MCs in the game, and when they talk, people tend to listen carefully. Last night, CNN's Bob Weir caught up with the Clipse back in their Virginia hometown for a segment entitled "Brother's Keeper." Weir drove around with Push, hopped in the studio with Malice, and re-visited the corners where they slung crack as they detailed their rise to prominence in the hip-hop world.

During the segment, No Malice revealed that even though he was touring the world, pushing the hottest cars, and wearing big chains, all he felt was misery and emptiness inside. The talented rapper claimed that life on the road contradicted his married life and he turned to Jesus. Pusha also revealed that the group had plans of going on a tour to celebrate the tenth-anniversary of their debut album Lord Willin' but Malice "chose God over his brother."

The segment also went on to detail Pusha's successful solo career and how he has transformed from a street rapper to a bonafide businessman with his hands on numerous projects.

The full segment can be seen below and is worth a watch: