LordJamarjamar (1)

Young Thug - Photo by Ryan Muir


Lord Jamar has a lot on his mind. After calling the LA Clippers lame for not standing up for their rights in their boycott, going at Justin Bieber, and belittling one of rap's giants in Kanye West, it's clear and evident, that Lord Jamar doesn't care how about hurting anybody's feelings, especially Young Thug's.

The next contestant in Jamar's verbal onslaught comes in the form of the buzzing rapper, Young Thug. Thug's choice of attire has left people pondering about whether he's in good state of mind or not. Jamar - a frequent visitor and no stranger to DJ Vlad's site - broke down what's wrong with Thug's demeanor and sense of style.

"I'm not feelin' him," he explained. "The more feminine shit that you do, the more you're going to have to do other shit to try to prove your manhood."

Check out the video of Jamar breaking down the mind boggling antics of Thug in his close to four minute rant.