Lil Boosie has been working non-stop since being released from prison. In a recent interview with DJ WhooKid, Boosie opens up about his current projects and potential movie deal about his life.

Music has a control over Boosie, because the Baton Rouge rapper has reportedly written a countless amount of songs while in prison and after his release. Fans already can't seem to control their excitement for the release of Boosie's plans on releasing two albums this year (one on July 15 and another in December) and fans already can't seem to control their excitement.

The "Badass" rapper went on to discuss a potential autobiography movie he's hoping to put into action. Boosie has been writing the project and is currently looking for the right people to collaborate with in order to make the movie a reality. He dropped the name of controversial comedians Katt Williams and Mike Epps when discussing the project.

"I think Imma probably use them [Katt Williams and Mike Epps] in my movie. I got my autobiography movie I know like, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I got a hell of a life story. It's already written by me, I just need to see who I'mma get wit to make it happen. But the bag getting heavy right now so I could do it myself."

You can watch the full interview below: