Kevin Gates


As a member of XXL's newest class of Freshmen it can be expected that you can turn the heightened attention into positive cashflow. But for at least one member of the class, money ain't a thing.

Kevin Gates spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about his life before he connected with a major label. And just like with his music he was raw and uncut. Gates talked about his relationship with Young Money/Cash Money and connecting with female fans. But the part that future Freshmen hopefuls might want to listen closely to is the details of his pre-deal hustle.

"I already had money when I came into the rap game. I didn't have money when I came home from jail in 2011," the New Orleans native told Whoo Kid, "Really I didn't have anything at all. But I grinded hard and was doing shows. Within a year and a half, my partner and I grossed like 2.5 mil off of shows."

For Gates signing a deal wasn't the end goal. Inking a deal was part of the larger goal to get information. "When we got with a label it wasn't to be a part of the label. It was to learn. It was to learn the inner workings ad mechanics of a label so we could be a successful label."

Gates will be displaying some of that million dollar hustle June 9 at the Best Buy Theater for the XXL Freshmen Show. If you miss him when he takes the stage as part of his 2014 Freshmen duties you will be ale to catch him on his recently announced nation wide tour.

Watch The full interview below.