Jay Z_Solange_01

The now infamous Jay Z and Solange fight has swept the entire nation's attention.

New information about the actually footage was revealed today. Whoever sold TMZ the video of Solange going at Jay Z had to sell it for a pretty penny. Well now we know the exact figure. The Standard Hotel footage was being shopped for five days and  sold for $250,000, according to Page Six.

As the Standard Hotel—who's pretty pissed that the video was leaked—track down the culprit who leaked the video while hiring Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer,  a sourced conformed to Page Six that it "was being shopped for five days to the highest bidder,” and “There are only a handful of people who'd have access to that tape.”

The article continues to say that “The Standard owns that tape.” But, “Once it was out, Jay Z's people felt they couldn't control it. They were reluctant to try and publicly fight this.”

Hov and his sister-in-law was just seen shopping for jewelry yesterday and Beyonce went on a Instagram spree, posting tons of pictures this morning.

The mystery still remains on what was the cause for the huge fight, reports say it was Rihanna but that is still not confirmed.