Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling with Jay Z and Kanye


beyonce and blue ivy artwork from The Carters Family Gallery


art work of beyonce, solange, and jay-z for carters family gallery


Aside from the elevator fiasco at the Met Gala involving Jay Z and Beyonce, there is some positive news today. On Tumblr, there's an account with the name The Carter Family Portrait Gallery which features classic artwork from the 1400's remade with the likes of hip hop's esteemed family, The Carters.

Some of the remakes includes classics like, Girl With Pearl Earring and the Virgin Mary and the Queen.

Check out some of displays below.

Beyonce and Blue Ivy remaking The Virgin Mary and Child
Beyonce, Solange, and Jay Z featured in Lot and his Daughters leaving Sodom
Beyonce morphed into Girl With Pearl Earring