After killing it on the independent scene, Childish Gambino is now considering moving on up and is fielding offers from numerous major record labels. During Powerhouse 106, Gambino revealed to MTV News that he's contemplating about making the transition over to a major after the success of his last album, Because of the Internet.

“I talked to some majors,”said Gambino.  “It’s really about sitting down, figuring out what they can offer.”

Gambino sold exceptionally well his first week with his album, Because of the Internet, by moving over 96,o00 copies. He has sold over 200,000 copies to date. While he may have figured out the game independently, he did reveal that the majors may be able to help in areas that his team couldn't have previously.

“A lot of power’s been shifted back to the consumer and the artist with the Internet,” he explained. “So I feel like we’re in a position to just talk and there’s still a lot of things that majors still understand a lot more.”

In addition, Gambino touched on how important it is to get airplay on the radio, and how labels can can contribute largely on that end.

“You don’t spread without the help of radio,” he said. “Power 106 was the first to play ’3005? and from there other people heard it.

“It was like the #1 Shazam’d song in Compton,” he continued, a little surprised at the feat. “I don’t know how it would get there without radio. Radio still holds a very special place with people. Radio is like a major thing I feel like [major] labels still know how to do well.”