The Game Vs L.A.'s Supperclub

Things escalated rather quickly outside of the Los Angeles club Supperclub when mutual acquaintances of T.I. and Game got in a physical altercation with the club’s security. A group of men associated with the two rappers were denied entrance to the club and began arguing with security outside. One thing led to another and a member of the crew threw a punch at one of the security guards, which you can clearly hear in the fight video below. The L.A. nightclub issued an official statement removing both T.I. and Game from any involvement of the incident.

The beef between Game and Tyga and Lil Durk and 40 Glocc is starting to pick up steam with the release of "ChiRaq To LA" and newly-named XXL Freshman, Lil Durk, has one less supporter from his home city in his beef with Tyga. Yesterday, Chicago MC Chief Keef showed his support of Game on Twitter and Instagram by sending out the cover art of the song with the caption, "Be Bool! go fuck wit Blood nem[sic]."

The support comes as bit of a surprise since Keef is from Chicago and has been affiliated with Durk, but on "ChiRaq To LA", Game does mention Keef by name saying, "Ridin' through the Chi, ain't never seen Oprah, hit a 300 with my little nigga Sosa." Game also mentions several other up and coming Chicago rappers that he is friendly with, including Lil Herb and LEP Bogus Boys before concluding the song with "You heard of Durk? Nigga, hell nah."