With the announcement of an Eminem-hosted battle rap event in New York City, and a new reality series featuring Slaughterhouse with a focus on battle-rapping, the battle style of MCing is creeping back to the forefront. Philly MC Cassidy, who made his bones battle rapping and famously battled Freeway back in the day, has been brought up as a possible rapper who would re-enter the scene. But, according to Cassidy, it's going to take a lot of money to get him to even consider the move.

"That shit is a business,” says Cass. “Now back in the day, before it was a business, before I was making money, that’s what I was doing all the time ‘cause that’s where I was at in the game. But now everything I do I get paid for. I’m not gonna go battle some nigga and fuck with this permanent money that I’m gonna be able to get forever to just please a couple niggas. That shit gon’ have to make perfect sense. The nigga I battle gotta be a perfect nigga so after I do it—I know the outcome, what it’s gonna be. He gon’ get destroyed. But after I destroy him, I’ll be able to bring shit to the table for Mayhem Music, my family, my team and not just no 30 [or] 40 grand."

Depending on how big battle rapping events get with the aid of Eminem, the money may be too much for Cassidy to turn down.