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Things are getting crazy.

As the world is trying to figure out why Solange and Jay Z got into a fight, Judi James, a body language expert, talked to Daily Mail and says judging from Beyonce's body language, she she "either agreed with her sister's point of view or she was completely obsessed with protecting her brand."

James continue on to say "The singer's lack of physical reaction implies that she has in all likelihood witnessed this type of behavior from Solange before—which is why she doesn't look particularly shocked."

Interesting. James also says that the way Beyonce reacted she fully trusts that Jay Z won't hit Solange back and she doesn't have to intervene.

Solange and Jay Z got into a scuffle in an elevator descending after leaving the MET Gala afterparty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The video has went everywhere, sparking plenty of comments and memes plus trending worldwide. In 24  hours pretty much every publication in the country has covered this and everyone wants to know, what made is the source behind this fight.