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Growing frustrated with his album delays, Ab-Soul has been taking to social media to voice his qualms and give updates on his album and future mixtapes. Threatening to leak his own album, TDE CEO Top Dawg put his fut down via Twitter and shot down any possibility of Soul—or any TDE member—leaking their own album.

Yesterday evening—via Twitter once again—the air was cleared when Top Dawg tweeted, "Jus finished choppin it up with @abdashsoul. Now thht I've shown him wut da shelf looks like we a better understanding lol...Now we kan leak. [sic]"


A few minutes later, Top once again tweeted, this time saying, "If I kan get some #blacklippastor on my timeline. I will let @abdashsoul leak the title of his new project. Later this week he'll leak date.[sic]"


A few hours later, Ab-Soul hopped in the action and tweeted out the name of his album, "These days..." Is the title."


With the album title out, expect an album release date later this week.