Yesterday, Beats Electronics' $3 billion sale to Apple was confirmed after weeks of speculation—and maybe a little premature celebration—making Dr. Dre hip-hop's wealthiest artist, if not quite a billionaire. But another part of the deal which came to light yesterday was that Dre and his Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine—himself the co-founder of Interscope Records 25 years ago and until yesterday the chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M for more than a decade—would take executive positions at Apple. That means Iovine, the producer-turned-label chief who Billboard called the most successful major label industry head of the past quarter century, was to leave the label which became the longtime home to artists like Eminem, 50 Cent, Dre and Kendrick Lamar.

With such an extensive history in the music industry—especially in the hip-hop world, with affiliations with Death Row, Aftermath, Bad Boy, TDE, Shady Records, G-Unit, Star Trak and more—it's no surprise that Iovine is probably the most-referenced executive in hip-hop. As he leaves Interscope for the green pastures of the tech world, XXL has pulled together 33 hip-hop songs that name check the former Interscope chief. —Dan Rys

dr dre jimmy iovine

"I'm A Soldier"

Artist: Game
Lyric: "Before Jimmy Iovine the kid was in IV's/These bitch niggas tried to take my life for five G's/I was in the projects, two o'clock in the mornin'/Playin' Madden, niggas kicked in the door and start blastin'"


"Smile (I'm Leaving)"

Artist: 50 Cent
Lyric: "Smile nigga my next album might be my last/Got what I came to get, the stacks and the stash/I told Jimmy Iovine ass to shut the fuck up/Got Dre callin' Shady sayin' Em what's up?/We done came this far, we can't stop now"

50 Cent

"We Made It"

Artist: Busta Rhymes featuring Linkin Park
Lyric: "From nights in jail on a bench, usin' my muscles, son/To countin' money like Dre and Jimmy and Russell was/But now I live when I dream, you see we finally did it/Let's make a toast to the hustle regardless how you get it"

Busta Rhymes

"I Run It"

Artist: Chamillionaire
Lyric: "Step in the label and I tell 'em give me my green/Then I send in Famous and make 'em give to my team/I got that money and power kinda like Jimmy Iovine/A little more money than power so they call me Jimmy High Cream/Or maybe Jimmy Hakeem"


"25 To Life"

Artist: Game
Lyric: "We was the hardest niggas in the penitentiary/Got a little bigger since Jimmy Iovine sentenced me/Sat back in my cell and wrote The Documentary/I ain't make no friends in jail, just enemies"



Artist: Chief Keef
Lyric: "We put that Jimmy Iovine money in the trap/Shout out to Young Scooter, man he taught me that"

chief keef

"Lick Shots"

Artist: Immortal Technique featuring Crooked I and Chino XL
Lyric: "My temper 'bout to break like levees in New Orleans/Catch Jimmy Iovine when he refinance his mortgages" —Chino XL

chino xl

"Gatman And Robbin"

Artist: 50 Cent featuring Eminem
Lyric: "Just quit fucking with me and I'll gladly quit fucking with you/Just spit your sixteen and do what you gotta do to get through/Without mentioning me, or the machine of Jimmy Iovine or Dre or 50/Or D-Twizzie, Obie and just let it be" —Eminem

eminem dr dre

"Straight To The Bank"

Artist: 50 Cent
Lyric: "When I made 50 mil, Em got paid/When I made 60 mil, Dre got paid/When I made 80 mil, Jimmy got paid/I ain't even gotta rap now, life is made"

50 cent


Artist: Game
Lyric: "I’m surprised that Lloyd Banks and Yayo didn’t shake/Wasn’t selling no records Jimmy Iovine said shake"

game young buck


Artist: Azealia Banks
Lyric: "Eating with Jimmy Iovine/Lunch with her/She’s a get-money bunny/Jump with her"



Artist: Chief Keef
Lyric: "Since I signed with Jimmy Iovine I swear I think that I'm Kobe/You boys won't be like me and I think that you owe me"

chief keef

"Self Made"

Artist: Wale featuring Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Pill and Teedra Moses
Lyric: "I left Jimmy, they was spending silly with my budget/And now I'm rolling with some cooler niggas I can fuck with"


"Flight 187"

Artist: 50 Cent
Lyric: "Man, Dre won't mix my records, now I need to talk to Jimmy/I'm falling back in my old ways, I'm riding with the semi"

50 cent

"Just So You Know"

Artist: Game
Lyric: "Jesus Piece was a motherfucker/Gotta thank God like a motherfucker/Interscope ain't promote that ho/But Jimmy Iovine still my motherfucker"


"Loose Change"

Artist: Ja Rule
Lyric: "And Murder Inc. will send they deepest condolences and sympathies/To Aftermath and Shady, Interscope and Jimmy Iovine"

ja rule


Artist: Jay Z
Lyric: "See what Doug, Jimmy & L.A. don't know/These youngins crossed the line with Hov, I'm lettin' it blow/Had the papers writing stories like, "Didn't they know?/This what happen when they made that rapper CEO""


"Jimmy Crack Corn"

Artist: Eminem featuring 50 Cent
Lyric: "Jimmy can crack corn but I don't care/My enemies crack corn but I don't care/You can be black, white or albino, yeah/You can have cornrows inside your hair"

eminem writing


Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Lyric: "Please don't Interscope/It's gonna be a whole lot of Iovine and respirating/If I lean out this window with Irene"

Lupe Fiasco

"Jimmy Iovine"

Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ab-Soul
Lyric: "Carrying two cans of paint/Security looks at me awkward/I say third floor I'm late/Paintin' Jimmy Iovine's office"

macklemore ryan lewis

"Home Soon"

Artist: Machine Gun Kelly
Lyric: "I just wasn’t fond of attention when all I had was resentment/I started out as a Freshman and graduated a henchman/I worked my way up to Jimmy/Worked my way up the totem/And those who hated on me was just adding weight to my scrotum"


"No More Fun And Games"

Artist: Game
Lyric: "I mean I'll hook niggas up to them IV's/The same way Dre hooked me up to Iovine"



Artist: Christina Aguilera featuring Nicki Minaj
Lyric: "Left from Jamaica, go a foreign pan tour/Jimmy Iovine, Tom Whalley and Lyor/Keep me and Chrissy in Christian Dior" —Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj

"Love Me"

Artist: Eminem featuring Obie Trice and 50 Cent
Lyric: "But in the meantime, it's Jimmy Iovine time/Chase cheese, rhyme 'til my voice give out/This is it my niggas, this what we boast about/Now I'm here, so shut your motherfuckin' mouth" —Obie Trice

obie trice

"The Hitman"

Artist: Pharoahe Monch
Lyric: "Some people say I'm extreme/Broadcast a beam live through a meme/Screaming as Jimmy Iovine, as corrupt as Don King"

pharoahe monch

"Supersonic (Charles Hamilton Diss)"

Artist: Rhymefest
Lyric: "I don't know where his label's leading him/I don't know what Iovine is feedin' him/I don't even know what the fuck they see in him/Battle Rhymefest? What's the reasonin'?"


"The City"

Artist: Game featuring Kendrick Lamar
Lyric: "Either I'm crazy, or the black Slim Shady, or/Could that be the reason that Baby said he would pay me more?/But I still owe Jimmy one more album/The best the West has ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin"



Artist: Ab-Soul featuring ScHoolboy Q
Lyric: "Ever see an ex-student get a half a ticket??Think I'm lying? Just ask Jimmy, that check was mine as soon as we signed" —ScHoolboy Q

schoolboy q

"Fish Tank"

Artist: Smoke DZA
Lyric: "You heard me/Don't make me put you niggas in a scope/No Iovine/Go 'head think this shit is a joke/Then try me"

smoke dza

"Right About Now"

Artist: Talib Kweli
Lyric: "They tried to fool you by switchin' the name to Geffen/Now they Interscope's bitch and every artist who had a chance left 'em/Ain't no big surprise, wasn't no love there/Jimmy Iovine never signed me, I just kinda ended up there"

talib kweli

"Who Want It"

Artist: Trick Trick featuring Eminem
Lyric: "We don't give a fuck about nothing you used to do/Your record is equivalent to High School Musical/No blaming Jimmy Iovine, Paul or Dre/Blame me for everything I say"

Trick Trick

"Hey...Mr Carter"

Artist: Wale
Lyric: "You hungry now but ain't hungry as I/Devour humble pie though I signed to the I/Ovine"



Artist: Game featuring Tony Yayo and Dion
Lyric: "Make your chest move/Sylvia Rhone and Kevin Lyles slept cool/Jimmy Iovine was the best move"