2 Chainz (Photo: Christian Fernandez)

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2 Chainz, "Top Floor"

"I'm on the top floor, presidential suite / Monica Lewinsky; presidential freak"


2 chainz Freebase

Just after pleading guilty to misdemeanor drug charges 2 Chainz admits that he once sold family members drugs. In an interview with MTV the  "I'm Different" rapper shares some shocking truths, exposing what was behind some of the lines on his new single "Freebase."

On the song Chainz raps “Sold drugs to my loved ones and it’s hard for me to admit it/ The first time I saw a crack pipe was in my parent’s kitchen.”

He says that is something that is still hard for him to talk about. Chainz questions "is it a sin" to do what he's done and continues to reach out to God for guidance.

"Would you want your loved one to go out in the streets and just deal with what’s going on out there, Deal with people that don’t have the real thing? Deal with robberies,” he asked. “Or would you just rather do it? Or are you being selfish by you supplying it? It’ll drive you crazy.”

For his new EP of the same name, Tity Boy has taken a step back from his usual party records to shed light on some of his life experiences.

“It’s a place where I — because I don’t write diaries — it’s a place where I can go get things off my chest,” he said. “Every now and then they’re just raps. And then you have those certain certain songs where you dig in and kinda touch those buttons on the reality that you come from, the reality of really doing that.”

Chainz who recently set down with Cheslea Handler to talk new mixtape said being booth has allowed him to open up.

“So That one line right there is really touching,” he said. “That one line right there is really chapters in my life, that one line right there is really years in my life that are hard for me to talk about.”

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