15 Most Memorable Quotes From Cam’Ron’s ‘Come Home With Me’

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    <em>[ Ed Note: This article was originally published on 5/14/12]</em><br /><br />15 Most Memorable Quotes From Cam'Ron's <em>Come Home With Me</em>
    <em>Come Home With Me</em> was an influential third album by Cam’Ron, which sparked The Diplomats movement, and played a pivotal role, illustrating Roc-A-Fella’s signature sound during the early aughts. Aside from the production, which stemmed from then up-and-coming producers Just Blaze, Kanye West, and The Heatmakerz, Cam’Ron displayed a slight change of flow (since <em>S.D.E.</em>), and perfected his signature rhyme style that wiggles between standoff ignorance, and borderline brilliance. Today, marks the 10th year anniversary of the album’s release, and to commemorate the occasion, <em>XXL</em> takes a look back at the 15 most memorable quotes from Killa on <em>Come Home With Me</em>. —<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="https://twitter.com/#!/XXLSTAFF">@XXLStaff</a>)
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Intro” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “Yo, I advice you step son, for I fuck your moms, make you my step son.”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Don’t mess with Cam, unless you want to call him daddy.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Seven C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Intro” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “I be in Miami, Boca Raton, poking your moms, her and your aunt, all over the Don.”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> The ultimate diss: Sleeping with your enemy's mother.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Seven C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Losing Weight Part 2” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> Rat poison your relish right in the center, babe/Bitch is a renegade, she’ll piss in your lemonade!” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Hurt thy enemy by messing with their nutrients.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Four C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Losing Weight Part 2”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “18 months? Please that ain’t facing time/I’m stressed anyway, need it for vacation time.”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Take long breaks. </p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Three C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Oh Boy” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “Well fuck it, Van Damme’em, Cam will blam blam’em/Call up his (boy), I’m down South tanning.” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Cam prefers onomatopoeia for gun noises.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Three C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Come Home With Me”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> "And the bitch know I'm serious/'Cause I'm never scared, ma, unless you miss your period."</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Baby daddy troubles are a no no.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Eight C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “On Fire Tonight”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “I need a girl that can sing like Selena, ass like Trina/Tits like Janet, get beat like Tina (Have you seen her?)" </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Find a woman who listens.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Eight C’mon Son faces. </p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Stop Calling” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “After I bust, I be like, ‘Get the fuck off me bitch.’” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Words to live by.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Nine C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “I Just Wanna”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “I just want you to know you’ll get slapped in ya face, I just wanna know what happened to Ma$e?” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Not too clear 'bout this one, but slapping people must feel great.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Three C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Dead or Alive”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “Shots with the six I bust’em, cop kicks to scuff’em/Fuck’em, hop out the six and crush’em/hop in the six and dust’em…boom!”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> See how Cam beautifully painted a picture with the same noun, number six? Don't talk extra words when they're not necessary.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Six C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Dead or Alive”</p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “I’ma leave’em in the streets, just splattered, beat and battered, fuck cops, police don’t matter.”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> [<em>XXL</em> does not condone such violence or attitude towards law enforcement.]</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Seven C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “The Roc (Just Fire)” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “Hungry hoes say, ‘Killa, feed me, feed me’/Calm down, ma, easy, easy.”</p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Don’t give them everything, and make'em beg for more. (What's good with all these Vado collabos though? Aren't they too much?)</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Five C’mon Son faces.</p>
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    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “The Roc (Just Fire)” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “And I’m extra scary, CEOs, all the frontin’ ain’t necessary/I fuck your secretaries, all for information, it ain’t necessary, they in love like the 14th of February.” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Do anything for information.</p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Five C’mon Son faces.</p>
    <p><strong>SONG:</strong> “Boy Boy” </p><p><strong>QUOTABLE:</strong> “Couch to the bedroom, my dick’s in her mouth/Bedroom to front door, this bitch getting out! (See ya!)” </p><p><strong>LESSON LEARNED:</strong> Don't grab a woman who’s leaving. </p><p><strong>LEVEL OF IGNORANCE/BRILLIANCE:</strong> Five C’mon Son faces.</p>

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