Floyd Mayweather Jr. dropped $50,000 in Las Vegas last weekend to get Nicki Minaj to hang out at his daughter Iyanna’s 14th birthday bash. $50K just to take selfies, show face and maybe do a song on to is one hell of  day. It's only natural to idolize superstar rappers because the cool points you get when you say "Jay Z was at my birthday party, no big deal," is immeasurable. Nicki isn't the first or the last to make a guest appearance at a birthday party for someone rich and "famous." Here are 12 others who collected a nice check for an appearance.


Jay Z Performed At Lebron James’ Wedding
Date: September 2013

Drake Performed At Andrew Zucker's Bar Mitzvah
Date: May 2011


Ludacris Performed At Some Millionaire Christmas Party
Date: December 2010


T.I. Performed At Adam Katzman's Bar Mitzvah
Date: March 2009


50 Cent Performed At Elizabeth Brooks's Bat Mitzvah
Date: November 2005


Kanye West Performed  At The Wedding Of The Grandson Of Kazakh Dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev
Date: Sept. 2013


Ja Rule Performed At Amber Ridinger's Bat Mitzvah
Date: November 2005


DMX Crashes Wedding Party, Gives Impromptu Performance
Date: January 2014


Flo Rida Performed At A Canadian Bar Mitzvah
Date: June 2011


Snoop Dogg Performed at Mark Chaplin's Bar Mitzvah
Date: February 2007


D12 Performed At Ethan Weisman's Bar Mitzvah
Date: October 2001