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When Kanye was crafting together his last album Yeezus, he handpicked Young Chop to serve as a consultant to the project in hopes of getting his creative input. Although Kanye’s album went platinum, many fans were dissatisfied with his work. Now, in an interview with Vlad TV, Young Chop explained how Kanye knew that many people weren’t going to consider Yeezus as their favorite project from the Grammy-Award winning artist.

“Kanye knows that. He knew that when he was working on it,” said Chop when asked about the critical reception of the album. “He knows that shit. He just wanted to do the shit…just prove a point to the shit. He could do anything, you feel me? Shit he could do any motherfucking record. That’s Kanye. And I sat down with him and shit. Like bro really motherfucking talented. He knows exactly what he wants and that the shit is just gonna grow off that because the shit is just genius work.”

Yeezus went platinum in January and was nominated for two Grammys.Carl Lamarre