July 13, 2015

Original Hot Boy Turk has reportedly settled his in court battle with Cash Money Records and Mack Money Music for unpaid royalties. In a lawsuit that began in February of 2015, Turk aimed to sue the two labels for $1.3 million claiming he was not paid a single royalty during his time on the franchise dating back to 1998.

On June 30, the New Orleans rapper requested to drop the lawsuit and have both parties pay their own legal fees. The request was granted today and there is no word yet on how much Turk got in the out of court settlement.


Off the “what if” section of the news desk, Hot Boy$ rapper Turk told VladTV during an interview that he and Lil Wayne discussed leaving Birdman and Cash Money Records for Master P and No Limit Records early on in their respective careers.

"Master P used to put all his artists in houses, give ‘em Rolex watches, buy ‘em Camaros...” says Turk. "Baby wasn’t givin’ us that. So one day, me and Wayne sittin’ outside like, ‘Man, shit. Let’s go fuck with P. You know he gonna fuck with us. We’re the youngest Hot Boy$.’ But we didn’t go. It just was us having a conversation…We was seriously wanting to go, but things just started happening for us. We started getting broke off the way how we thought we should.”

Suffice to say, things worked out well for Turk, who continues to put out music and especially for Weezy, but it’s always fun to think about what could have been.

Check the full interview below: -Peter Walsh