On this day, April 25, in hip-hop history...

Jeff Kravitz

2002: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was 30, a five-time Grammy winner and an all around worldwide star. However, at the time surrounding her death, Lisa was going through personal issues of her own leading her to part ways from her long time singing group, TLC. On what she called a spiritual retreat, Lisa ventured to the Hispanic country of Honduras. While there, Lisa was killed in car crash due to neck injuries and severe head trauma. Left Eye was the only person killed in the accident. Raina Lopes, her sister, in the front passenger seat, was videotaping at the time, leaving the last seconds of Left Eye's life captured on video.

Throughout her career, Lisa acquired an abundance of awards and undoubtedly holds a spot in music history as a part of arguably the best R&B girl group ever. With TLC, Left Eye won five Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards and is hailed my music critics as one of the best musical trios of all time.

R.I.P Left Eye.

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