Stormey Ramdhan

“Matter of fact, even when he [Eazy-E] made all his muthafukkin` money, he still left his mama there [Compton]. I guess that`s why god came and took him. He took care of that white boy Jerry, but didn`t take care of his own mama.” Suge Knight said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.


Suge Knight’s ex-fiancée says her former love had nothing to do with the murder of late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Stormy Ramdhan, mother of two of Knights children says she believes her ex is innocent based on what he told her when she asked about the rumors of his involvement in to Tupac’s death.

"He didn't kill him. 'Pac was my son's godfather," Ramdham told TMZ.

In the interview Ramdham also opens up about what its like to be with the once feared music mogul.—Chris M. Garner

Watch interview below:

[via TMZ]