There are some songs that resonate through different cultures for generations to come and that category of collectable tracks would not be complete without, Sir-Mix-a-Lot's 1992 hit "Baby Got Back". The rapper is set to perform the upbeat song to a classical rhythm, with the Seattle Symphony this summer.

Gabriel Prokofiev, Dj and London-based composer, is the man behind song’s new sound. Grandson to Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev and founder of the record label, Nonclassical, wrote the piece.

"All the most famous people had been done," Prokofiev said in an interview with The Quietus. “But when I got the list, the one person who hadn't been done who I thought was really interesting was Sir Mix-A-Lot. He's a Nineties rapper; he's quite humorous and a fun guy."

The piece is featured in a series called Sonic Evolution, which produces new orchestral work inspired by Seattle's music icons. Sonic Evolution has featured classical renditions inspired by Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones and Jimi Hendrix at previous events.

"I'm orchestrating two of his most famous hits, and he's actually going to rap on stage with orchestra. He's got this rap persona but in reality he's the softest; he's only interested in mixing. His most famous hit is 'Baby Got Back' which starts, 'I like Big Butts...' and so I'm doing a new piece based on the rhythms of his raps."

The ensemble will premiere on June 6th at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall and will be conducted by Ludovic Morlot.—Morgan Murrell