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After announcing the launch of his new label, website, and album, Saigon chopped it up with VladTV about his relationship with Kanye West. Saigon went on to call ‘Ye one of the best ever. "Kanye musically he’s one of the best to ever do it, man,” says the Queens MC. “Not just the lyrics, but I like the content of a lot of his stuff and the beats. And Kanye’s definitely one of the best musicians not just rappers, but I’d say composers and musicians ever in any genre of music.”

During the sitdown, Sai claimed that the beat to the song “Dreams”, which was featured on Game’s smash debut album The Documentary, was originally sent to him but Saigon took too long to compose the track.

“I actually had the ‘Dreams’ beat before Game,” says Saigon. “And it’s funny I was just with Game recently and I told him the story. I’m like ‘Bro, I had that beat for like two months. And it took me [too] long to write to it.’ Next thing you know, when I was finally like, ‘Yo, ‘Ye I wrote this crazy shit to it.’ They hit me back like ‘Yo, Game took it. You took too long. You slept on that one.’ Game was like ‘Thank you, Saigon. You changed my life by not using that beat.’ And it’s funny because, honestly, I think he did more damage than I was. 'Cause I was going in a whole [different] direction. His record came out way better than my record to that beat. It was meant to happen like that.”

Check the full interview below: —Peter Walsh