Ryan Lewis' "30/30" project's goal is to fight the HIV pandemic across the globe.


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are still on cloud 9 after stringing together a platinum album with The Heist, consisting of a plethora of number one singles. Ryan Lewis, the man on the production side of the tandem, recently sat down with Prologue to discuss the duo’s future.

"Obviously going into the studio and doing another full length album together is the immediate [step]," Lewis said during his interview. "In the long term, I would love to make another album that is really receptive to people. I would love to make another album that is culturally relevant. I would love to be one of the few artists that hits a point of success and can go back into the studio and make another album that matters and relates to people and not go back in and be super tainted by this whole thing. That would be the immediate goal."

Lewis also had high praises for legendary producer Rick Rubin, referring to him as a "God producer." "Rick Rubin is just in his own fucking world," Lewis says. "Rick Rubin is super intriguing to me because he has become this god producer in completely drastically different genres, which very few people have done."-Carl Lamarre