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Public Enemy’s Professor Griff has never been one to hold his tongue. In an interview he had with Church of Reality, he spewed some harsh words towards Kanye West and his wife to be Kim Kardashian.

After West threatened to move to Africa because of excessive racism in the United States, Griff sounded off on Kanye’s statement by advising him to “Move your ass to Africa.”

He would continue berating Kanye for his decision to play both sides and even took shots at Kim by referring to her as “a rich whore.”

“He’s trying to play both sides of the fence. He’s trying to play both sides,” Professor Griff said. “While he’s sitting on a hundred million. And you and I are living paycheck to paycheck…Move your ass to Africa. You understand what I’m saying? Take your fake ass wife with you. Shit. A rich whore.”

Griff also elaborated on the Illuminati, by questioning their existence, and why rappers marvel at joining such an organization.

“Nah, they never get at me, but I see them online,” he said. “I see the Busta Rhymes people online. Talking about some Illuminati. Stuff ain’t real, man. Why would they be interested in some rappers? Stop it, bruh. Stop it. This is a lot larger than what you think it is, man. You understand what I’m saying? I see the naysayers, people talking smack. They don’t say it to me directly because hell, everybody got my phone number. You can call me, but they never do.”-Carl Lamarre