Asides from providing fans with infectious beats and serving as Macklemore’s go to producer, Ryan Lewis has his hands on a loftier mission. Just recently, Lewis launched the 30/30 Project which entails helping HIV patients.

Ryan’s mission stems from his mother’s unfortunate encounter with the deadly virus after she needed a blood transfusion. Luckily, for Lewis and his sisters Teresa and Laura, they were all born without the virus. Despite Lewis’ mom, Julie, learning she was HIV positive in 1990, she has lived on for over 30 years. With 35 million people infected with the virus, Ryan has made it his goal to fight the pandemic and also celebrate his mother’s survival by starting the 30/30 Project which hopes to ensure health care centers to those lacking the access.

Help the cause and donate here. Watch the video detailing Ryan’s mother story and their quest to achieve their mission below:—Carl Lamarre