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#Peter Rosenberg_Thumbnail

#Peter Rosenberg_Thumbnail

No one can forget the Peter Rosenberg-Nicki Minaj Hot 97 Summer Jam 2012 drama. With the YMCMB first lady now headlining the stations 2014 show, Peter recently spoke about the matter unveiling that he warned the pop star first.

"I thought she was really good, in fact I though she was the total package," Rosenberg recalled. "The year before it all happened, I pulled her aside at Summer Jam [2011] and I said  'Hey, I think you could be the greatest female artist of all time, the greatest female rapper of all time. And I just want you to know in thinking that, I'm going hold you to a high standard so I probably will say things about you'," he warned.

In the clip Rosenberg then goes on to talk about his current relationship with Nicki Minaj. Aside from unveiling that she recently called him for music advice, the radio jock assured that he will undeniably take the credit for Nicki's next dope real hip-hop album.