Northside Chicago rapper Noelz Vedere is developing his name outside of the region with the impressive “Out Of Focus.” He says about the making of the song: "The eerie sample, twisted synths, and strong double-time drums reminded me of the classic Chicago hip-hop I grew up listening to, just with an updated sound. My goal was to be as unorthodox as possible. This left me an open lane to try different styles, while still staying rap consistent. To keep it even more Midwest based, I reached out to Freddie Gibbs for an additional verse. Both styles from myself and Freddie are comparable, yet much different, which lead to a clash of greatness."

Well put. Noelz continues to grow from the ground up, and he’s ready to test the waters with his forthcoming album, Bittersweet Victory, due out May 20. Today, he’s building more buzz with the Asa Davis-directed video for “Out Of Focus.” In it, the pair light up a few Ls while smoke arises to give off an hazy feel.

Watch the video above, and look for Bittersweet Victory that features Sir Michael Rocks, Sunni Colon and more.