Besides dealing with controversy surrounding his latest album White People Music, Nick Cannon is also addressing the rumors of his wife Mariah Carey’s infidelity.

After being spotted sitting close to rapper Nas at his 40th birthday party last year, rumors flew that the two were possibly more than friends. The America’s Got Talent host recently denied those rumors in an interview with Howard Stern.

"It's amazing to me when I hear that stuff," Cannon said. "Nas is probably one of the best rappers to ever do it, Howard. He's a friend of mine, he's a friend of hers. She went to his birthday party and I think I was in L.A...We actually talked about this before. It'd be very difficult to make me jealous. I'm probably one of those dudes that's really secure in my relationship."

Furthermore, things seem to be going great for the couple that has been married for six years. To celebrate Mariah’s birthday last month Nick surprised her with some “butterfly bling.”

"Nick surprised me for 3/27 with a stellar diamond bracelet encrusted with 3 floating butterflies!," said Carey via Twitter.-Christina Garner