Fat Trel

Maybach Music Group's Fat Trel will be performing at Yahoo's Brazo Hall.



Before to signing to MMG Fat Trel was once associated with Master P and was even assumed to sign to the mogul’s new label No Limit Forever. But instead the Washington D.C. rapper opted to go with Rick Ross because of business.

"It didn't go right,” Trel told MTV. “Things weren't done correctly on the business tip, so me and Master P have no relationship."

According to Master P there never was a business deal. The two had only joined forces (along with Alley Boy) for a mixtape called New World Order, but before he knew it Trel had inked to MMG.

"I went above and beyond for Fat Trel," said the mogul. "I took him out a negative environment, got him a safe place to stay in Los Angeles, transportation, put money in his pocket, paid for plane tickets and hotels for him and his team, got him exposure, put him on music with me and all without a contract just because I believed in the little homey."

Master P still wishes Trel the best with his career despite feeling that the young rapper was in more of a rush to get paid than build his brand.

I wish him the best with MMG; I think it's a better fit for him as an artist," said Master P – Chris M. Garner

[via MTV]