Cynical Swag
Age: 56
Hometown: New York, NY
Occupation: Comedian, TV Host
Last Year’s Position: 70
Swagga Like... The host of HBO’s Real Time is forward-thinking and unapologetic about his views. He doesn’t back down from debate, asks tough questions, and manages to sprinkle in plenty of humor throughout. Plus, he likes to talk about smokin’ weed and fuckin’ women. Swag!


Never one to bite his lip or stray from hard-hitting issues, Nas will join Bill Maher on his acclaimed HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, April 4. Nas, who is releasing the 20th anniversary edition of Illmatic, Illmatic XX, on April 15 will join the politically charged show and will likely speak on the impact of his classic album and the current state of hip-hop.

Nas has had an impressive past few weeks. After sitting down for a discussion at Georgetown University, Escobar played a monumental show at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Just yesterday, Nas was announced as a co-headliner at London’s Lovebox Festival which takes place in July. Thanks to his current moves, Nas, who has now been in the game for two decades, is as relevant as he’s ever been. —Peter Walsh