boosie x tupac



Lil Boosie is loving life outside of prison. The  Baton Rouge rapper stirred massive hysteria with his release from prison, and since then, has had the rap game on tilt in lieu of his new album. During his interview with The Breakfast Club, Boosie spoke on being dubbed “The South’s Tupac” and the adoration he has received from his fans.

“I feel like half of the love was real. 50%. I feel like 25% was just bandwagoners just jumping on the bandwagon. And I feel like the other 25% came from… some people might never heard of my music, but my social media name and all of my trials and tribulations, they was like, ‘Let me see what he talking about. Why is they messing with him? Let me listen to his music.’ And if you listen to my music then you’ll be a fan,” he said.

“I think people do that because we both have heartfelt music that touch people’s hearts. We both have similarity. I guess we both got in trouble, too. I feel like it’s because of the real music we make. It’s a pleasure to be given that credit, but Tupac [is] Tupac, Boosie [is] Boosie.”

Boosie’s new album is expected to drop July 15th.-Carl Lamarre

[via Power 105]