RIhanna music vid


While people are analyzing Drake’s lines from his new track “Days Out East”, Kirko Bangz openly broke down his candid song to Rihanna entitled “Love Rihanna” during his interview with Sermon.

“Who badder than Rihanna?” asked Kirko, when the question about the song’s origin was raised.

The track – which Kirko said was a favorite by many on his fans on his newest mixtape Progression 4 – finds him paying homage to one of music’s leading ladies.

“[She] a young hip-hop b****.  You can’t tell me nobody [who’s badder],” he continued to say.

"That’s why I did that. That’s why I did that s***. When I first heard that beat, when I was doing that, I said I got to do a Drake beat. I did everybody else’s s***. I didn’t want to do nothing on his album s***. So I was like, ‘S***!’ I came up on that beat and I was gonna do like, “N***** Love Rihanna.” Then I was like, ‘Nah. This s*** gon’ sound weak as f***.’ I was just like, ‘S***. I know I love Rihanna,” said Kirko.

Kirko wasn’t shy in showing his admiration for the songstress as well during his interview.

“If she sees me, tell her to come f*** with me. She knows what’s up,” he said.

His album Bigger Than Me is slated for the summer and will feature his single “Hoe.”—Carl Lamarre

[via Sermon]