"My Tsunami, my Katrina and my inner Sandy/Man it will not simmer expanding/If I swam seem like I would slam the damn thing/But I'm scrambling, falling like I damaged my hamstring"

Biggest Change Since Signing With TDE

Isaiah: Learning to shut up, learning how to be quiet, learning how to play the background and be the lil homie. I'm used to being the big homie with my friends, but I'm only 22 and these guys are hella older than me, so if anything it's probably the best thing that could happen to me, being around some people who have been around forever, to just chill out, pick up stuff and pay attention.



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"When you have a Weeknd putting out three mixtapes, I have to feel like Rick Ross influenced that." —Diddy, under the impression that The Weeknd dropped three free projects thanks to Rick Ross

Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Tech N9ne, Peter Rosenburg and many more talk to Google Play and reflect on Nas' iconic debut album Illmatic. Nas also adds his two cents in and discusses the inspiration behind the album and shares some great gems.

"I saw Sting years ago, we talked about working on something. And he had listened to Illmatic, and he said to him it was a jazz album," Nas remembers. "You always tend to learn something new about it each time you experience it."

Illmatic XX comes out next week on April 15.

[via Google Play]