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Jay Z's Shawn Carter Foundation helps low-income students “further their education at institutions of higher learning" by providing scholarships both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Ever the hustler, Jay Z is looking to expand the massively popular “Made In America” concert festival to the West Coast. According to reports, the L.A. portion of the festival is going to be held at Grand Park in late August and attendance is estimated at around 50,000. Unfortunately for Hov, the powers that be aren’t giving the mogul the go-ahead just yet.

According to LA Weekly, Mayor Eric Garcetti gave the ‘okay’ on the concert without following normal protocol, including letting District 14 Councilman Jose Huizar know about the event. Huizar, who is the man responsible for permits, street closures and public safety issues in the area, has drafted a council motion that would require a report on “any permits, actions, public safety concerns, and any necessary cost implications of the proposed” event. Huizar will withhold all permits until such a report is drafted.

There appears to be quite a few hurdles to jump until the L.A. dates get approved but Jay Z has been known to make things like this work so don’t be surprised if “Made In America” finds itself in the City of Angels this summer. Peter Walsh

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