Ice-T Featured


Ice-T is baffled as to why there are such few black artists in the world of Rock & Roll. While hip-hop is predominantly occupied by African Americans, the Rock & Roll genre seems to attract less black artists. That fact alone, doesn’t sit too well with Ice T, as he explained in his interview with VladTV.

“Black people invented rock n’ roll,” Ice T said. “When you look at Little Richard and Chuck Berry and people like that that’s just where it all came from. And I tell people Hip Hop is rock. We don’t R&B the mic. We rock the mic. We rock the house. Rock is ours. You dig? But why there’s so many few black people playing it? I really don’t understand cause it’s right up our alley. It’s rage. It’s energy. It’s fun. I think a lot of black people are still mind-fucked. You know? They don’t really understand [and] they pigeonhole themselves into certain types of music. And they just don’t venture out of the box.”.-Carl Lamarre