50 Cent in 2010 dissed Diddy, saying his music "sucks" and reignited the feud again by calling out Puffy's recent single "Big Home." Add the Instagram photo Fif posted, and you can see why Diddy isn't a fan of the Queens native. However, these two moguls can make a hell of a lot more money together than alone.




Howard University students are not happy with their institution’s decision to have Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs speak at their 2014 commencement.

TMZ suspects many students are upset because the rap mogul is a former Howard drop out, which in their eyes makes him unfit to speak to its graduating class.

Student opinion has not stopped the school, as they are still moving forward with Combs as commencement speaker. He will follow a long list of influential speakers that include Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, and former president Bill Clinton.

"Howard University continues the tradition of identifying leaders whose work has clearly contributed to the advancement of their fields and the world,” said Howard’s rep. “We are honored to have Mr. Combs serve as our speaker." - Chris M. Garner

[via TMZ]