The beef between Game and 40 Glocc is well documented and it seems to have re-ignited recently over the Internet. Late in the week, multiple pictures were uploaded to 40 Glocc's Instragram account that taunted his Compton nemesis. One of the pictures included the caption, "JUST PUT YO KIDS TO BED @THEDOCUMENTARY NOW IM IN DA GYM FLAMED THE FUK UP AGAIN CUZZ. N TIFF LOVE IT."

After a couple more posts, 40 reached out via Twitter to deny he was responsible. "MY INSTAGRAM IS HACKED!.. ON MY MOMMA.. I HAVENT FUKED THAT N***A WIFE. ALL THOUGH I DONT LIKE THE B*TCH N***A.. I DONT LIE ON MY D**K!," he typed.

Game, however, who is having family issues of his own, didn't fall for the excuse. Yesterday, he posted a picture of a green light to his IG account which is possibly referring to the code for putting a hit out on a person. 40 responded in kind with the tweet, "DUD THUS PUSSY JUST TO SAY GREENLIGHT TO ME ON INSTRAGRAM?? N#GGA I WILL GIVE YOU MY LOCATION ON ALL MY DEAD HOMIES SO I CAN TEAR YO ASS UP!"

The saga continues...

[via Gawker]