jay z

After being detained by police yesterday for allegedly holding some of Jay Z’s master recordings from the early 2000’s ransom and trying to extort Jay Z for $100,000, former Roc-A-Fella engineer Chauncey Mahan is now telling his side of the story. According to Mahan and reports from TMZ, Def Jam asked Mahan to hold onto the recordings in 2002 because Jay Z “was a stupid kid smoking blunts.”

Mahan also says that over the past ten years he’s repeatedly notified Hov’s people that he is in possession of the masters and they never responded. He’s now asking for money because he can’t afford to keep the recordings in storage any longer.

It is now up to a judge to determine rightful ownership but if we’re to believe Just Blaze, Mahan doesn’t have much of a chance.—Peter Walsh